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that believes in smart, rapid, iterative processes.

Efficient + Flexible

A limited number of stakeholders involved in each project enables us to eliminate friction and drag. Our developers take pride in and ownership over projects, ultimately creating a product that is better and delivered faster.

Innovative + Collaborative

You know your product best, and we find value in that, which is why we communicate and collaborate with our clients to make sure we find the right tech solution for your needs. If that technology doesn’t exist, we love creating and building out custom solutions.

Experienced + Focused

With over a decade of experience in web development, we know what matters most for each project and make sure you get what you need, when you need it.

Andrew Nealon Principal

Andrew has worked in technology management for over a decade, overseeing everything from web development to social media research to event logistics for brands like Coca-Cola, GM, and iHeartMedia. Before working in tech, Andrew was a journalist. Now living in Brooklyn with his wife and two cats, Andrew reads comics, listens to vinyl and plays a lot of games.

Jon Dewitt Engineer

Jon started coding as a hobby with HTML back in 1997 and grew into a full time WordPress-focused PHP developer by 2007. He has nearly a decade of experience building out dynamic, lead-generating, responsive websites. A native of San Diego, CA, he enjoys brewing, jiu jitsu and new outdoor experiences with his wife and dog.

Rene Rodriguez Engineer

Rene has been an administrator, engineer, developer, and director in his career spanning over 2 decades. He worked for the likes of Johnson and Johnson, Kaplan, Grey Advertising, Deutsche Bank, A & E Television Network, and The Walt Disney Company. Working on high end client work for the likes of Playboy, Absolut Vodka, Infinity, Marvel, and Star Wars. Rene is a full stack developer and a natural leader. He lives in Union City NJ with his dog where he enjoys music production and djing on his spare time, swimming, and photography.

Stefan Bohacek Engineer

Stefan is a full stack web developer with a focus on developing highly usable web apps. He has multiple years of development work experience and has been involved in several Mozilla projects as an open-source engineer. Originally from Slovakia, Stefan now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son.

WFMU Website

Giving the most avant-garde and eclectic radio station in America a face lift involves more than just a modern, responsive design. Throughout 2016, WFMU will rollout a network-wide overhaul that includes new web and mobile themes for WFMU.org, new interactive DJ and playlist tools, and new integration tools for their annual membership drives. Once the transition is complete, WFMU.org will be running on an entirely custom framework built for speed, ease of use and easy scaling.

Tech Highlights: Custom Wordpress theme, Custom Wordpress plugin suite, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Slim Framework

STyle2.0 Fashion curation and suggestion site

Launching in 2016, Style 2.0 is a lifestyle and fashion brand for women looking to step into their second phase of life. The subscription-based platform was custom built to allow content to drive conversions. And while STyle 2.0 users are learning about fashion, thanks the the sites modern responsive design, they won’t run into problems understanding how STyle 2.0 works for them.

Tech Highlights: Stripe Integration, UserApp Integration, User Management / Subscription Integration, Bootstrap, Custom Wordpress theme, Custom Wordpress plugin, Custom Proprietary Layout Editor

Bierbox Website

Launched in February of 2016, Bierbox is the first beer making kit subscription service. It is similar in model to companies like Birchbox, Blue Apron, or Dollar Shave Club. Not only does Bierbox provide a concrete product, it also is positioning itself as experts in making beer at home and is on a mission to help grow the amazing homebrewing communities across the country. The site is fully responsive and every photo and piece of content is editable via custom WordPress plugin integration. Bierbox also implements a full subscription and user management platform that leverages Stripe for payments and Mandrill for transactional email.

Tech Highlights: Custom Wordpress Theme, Custom Wordpress plugin suite, Bootstrap, Stripe integration, Mandrill integration, Mailchimp Integration, User Management, Subscription Mangement, A/B testing implementation

Media Breaker Browser based HTML5 video editor

Killing two birds with one stone, Media Breaker Studios is a teaching tool that allows students to critique modern media by actually re-editing that content as they see fit. Imparting video editing skills and media literacy on any user, Media Breaker Studios is a fast, browser-based video editor, built to be used in classrooms and workshops, and the only HTML 5 video editing suite currently receiving updates on the Web.

Tech Highlights: FFMPEG, SOX Audio, Custom HTML5 / javascript video editor app

Lockstep Studio

Lockstep Studio partners with craft breweries and businesses in Brooklyn to help them create their brand identities. Insert Culture developed and implemented their custom WordPress site, which showcases Lockstep Studios unique brand identity.

Tech Highlights: Heavily Customized Wordpress Build

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